About TUTlist

TUTlist began as the itching of 2 scratches in 2008 by Jason Straughan. Needing a reason to learn a relatively new PHP framework at the time, and wanting a place to find great web development tutorials, he built TUTlist. It was not bod, but not very good either. So he rebuilt it, this time in yet another PHP framework.

Eventually he gave up on PHP and decided to rebuild it all over again in Ruby on Rails.

Don't worry, if you wait around long enough it'll probably be rewritten in something else, at least once.

While this does not reveal much about what TUTlist is, it does tell you some history. History is good. Unless you can't stand history, in which case we should probably forget the whole conversation.

Somewhere along the way this incredibly debonair web developer created a company, Grok Interactive, and TUTlist was absorbed for the good of the whole. Like the Borg. To learn more, contact us and ask about buying an ad. Or two.

What TUTlist is

  • A collection of great web development and design tutorials.
  • A great place to submit great web development and design tutorials.
  • A great place to discuss great web development and design tutorials that have been submitted, found, and then read.
  • A great place to have flame wars about great web development and design tutorials that have been submitted, found, read, and then discussed.
  • NPH riding a unicorn.

What TUTlist is not

  • A place to put your spammy shit.
  • r/politics. Really. Leave the Hitler references to Mike Godwin.
  • NPH riding a unicorn. We were just joking about that part.

* All tutorials on tutlist.com are great
** Really, we would not lie to you.

Submit Great Tutorials!

Good submissions are tutorials. All posts must be a tutorial: a how-to showing the steps or method necessary to complete a certain task or goal, and it must be freely accessible without payment, registration, or by submitting user data. If your submission is an article, review, or not educational, even if web/development/design related, it will most likely not be approved.

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